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Our Service
We make sure to take very good care of your car before delivery because it will be our greatest happiness to make you satisfied.
After the auction, we usually take our customer's vehicles to a port directly if our customers don't require any our services. However, we've heard that JDM parts are not easy to get in some countries, and so we can change and tune parts at an extra charge if required. After the car is set, we make sure to clean off any soils and dust prior to shipping. Cleaning is an important process because a vehicle with soil or dust would be charged an extra fee to clean off at the customs in some countries. We try to avoid any extra works and charges you may need to pay when you pick up your vehicles.
As you may not know yet, most Japanese used car exporters take the car to the dock directly from an auction house wihtout any inspection and reconditioning.
As a result, we have heard of troubles occuring in these vehicles upon arrival in the importing country, and sometimes not passing customs regulations due to these problems. Furthermore, a lot of buyers ( importers ) were very disappointed with their purchases.
We always try to get cars in a good condition but sometimes some problems which are not listed on the auction sheet may exist.
In our case, we show all cars to our mechanic for inspection, reconditioning and even repairs if required.
This is the biggest difference between us and most others. The question is whether you would like a vehicle in a very good shape or one that is very price competitive. Please see the following check list for inspection that can be done on our vehicles as an option.
Inspection list for our sevice shop
Check engine for oil leakage
Check hub knuckles for grease heakage
Check radiator for radiator leakage
Check fuel pump for leaks
Check tire balance if needed
Check differential oil for leaks of its dirtness
Check transmission for leaks or their dirtness
Other than the inspections above, please check the service record
listed below for other inspection details.
We completely fix any leaks when they are found.
Reconditioning list to be basically done at our service shop.
Replace engine oil
Replace oil filter
Replace transmission oil
Replace brakes fluid
Replace differential oil
Replace LLC ( Long life coolant )
Change timing belt ( if needed )
Clean up vehicle
We also repair any other problems that a vehicle may have. If that is the case, we provide detailed information about the condition of the vehicle.
Many dealers take vehicle directly to a port and load them into a ship. Their task is easy and simple.

We have heard that many buyers were disappointed as their vehicles were easily damaged. We want to ensure that you do not pay unnecessary fees. We always serve you the way we would wish to be served if you were a customer.
We believe that getting our services make you satisfied and feel safe.

Inspection fee and other related charges will differ on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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